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Bzinská 762, 696 81 Bzenec, Czech Republic

Tel.: *420 603 50 20 70 ( Pavel ), +420 603 50 20 60 ( Petr )

Email: studio (at)

Short Q&A about all kind of topics

Booking dates in the studio

„How far in advance we have to book a spot“ is one of the most frequent questions. The answer is: the earlier, the better, so you can choose the most ideal time for your recording. Mostly the studio is booked out 2 – 3 months in advance. If you book via email or telephone, please always leave your own telephone number to our information.

We cannot come to record.

What can I do if I can´t hold the agreed booking terms (for instance the drummer has haemeroids..) ?

Don´t wait for anything, call in instantly (time IS money in this case – most of the time OURS…) and try to move the date or cancel


What to bring to the studio ?



For sure always a complete set-up, if you don´t own a good one, ask some friends. Never underestimate the drumheads, always bring new ones – this influences the sound a LOT !!! One more thing that´s always underestimated are the cymbals – try to bring in only good ones ! We reserve the right to step back from recordings with loose drums…

Guitar amps:

The better and the more you can bring will help us to find your personal sound

Bass amps:

You can bring your own, but if it´s not satisfactory, we can manage to get a good sound by using quality pre-amps and plugins (Ampeg SVX…)


In order to achieve a decent sound, you should not record a whole album with one set of strings, be prepared that we ask you to change strings every two or three songs…

Do we have to pay an advance and how do we manage payment at all ?

For a reservation (booking) in our studio we require a symbolic sum of 1000 CzK. This amount will be accounted to your final payment of course. Weh ad to take this step in order tob e sure that the band takes the reservation seriously. Fairplay is obviously fading also among musicians. Who will be ready to pay something in advance, will get a better price in the end. The final sum will always be necessarily fully paid, before leaving the studio ! No money – no recording !

Overnight stay:

We can offer you rooms and accomodation, details via email or telephone.

Exporting files for use during the recordings:

If you have pre-recorded sounds or instruments you want to use on your recordings, please always consult the formats with us, this makes everything easier.

Best exports can be achieved with WAV files – 24bit, 44.1 kHz or more. All tracks must start at 0 (zero = beginning of the song)

You can also use format OMF type 1 or type 2

If you have MIDI files, just export them as .mid


Sounds, samples:

If you plan to use sounds and samples in your compositions, please look for them before coming to the studio. Do not rely on the thought that it can be done „somehow“ in the studio. We of course have some sound banks, but it is rather boring, if the same kind of sounds will be used by loads of bands – try to be yourselves !!!

Technical rider:


Soundcraft- DC 2020


Preamplifiers/Recording interfaces:

Focusrite ISA 828, TL Audio C1, Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56, Focusrite Octopre MK II

Sound Processors:

TC Electronic- M-ONE XL, SPL De- Esser


KRK VXT8 Active, PreSonus Monitor Station V2


AKG K 271 STUDIO 2x, Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO, Alesis DRP100 .......
FURMAN HA-6A + HR-2 (headphones amplifiers)

Powercore Plugins:

TC Electronic MD-3, Assimilator, MasterX3, VoiceStrip, Vintage CL,Megareverb, EqSat, ClassicVerb, Chorus•Delay, 24/7•C, Tubifex, PowerCore 01


Recording software:

Steinberg- Cubase 8.5

Mastering software:

Steinberg- Wavelab 6

Other software:
IK Multimedia - AmpliTube 2, Ampeg SVX, Classic Studio Reverb, T-RackS
Steinberg - HALion Player


Condenser microphones:

Beyerdynamic MC834, AKG- C 414 B-XL II, AKG- C 1000, AKG C 3000 1x, AKG- C 451 B 2x, Rode K2, Sennheiser e 901

Dynamic microphones:

Shure- Beta 56 4x, Beta 52 1x, SM 58 2x, SM 57 2x, BEYERDYNAMIC TG X50

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