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Album title: All Is Nothing


Label: Wolfblood Productions


Product Code:  WBP005


Line Up:


Peter Böhm – bass

Jaroslav Lukacs – guitars

Zdenek Pradlovsky – drums

Wolfgang Süssenbeck – keyboards

Mika Brona – vocals

Andreas Schekulin – vocals


STARCHILD AEON is a new project founded by DARKSIDE´s bass player Peter Böhm in 2016. Peter set out to record a couple of songs and with this intention in mind, he teamed up with the drummer of MASTER, Zdenek Pradlovsky to lay down the basics for a then unnamed project in the summer of 2016. Peter asked Wolf of DARKSIDE/ ANGRY NATION / WOLFHEART feat. THE MALAVITA ANTISOCIAL CLUB to join in on this project by contributing some keyboard lines and eventually providing vocals. With the addition of Jaroslav Lukac (WOLFHEART feat. THE MALAVITA ANTISOCIAL CLUB) the songs gained a lot of structure and atmosphere and Wolf decided that it wouldn´t be his voice to be featured on the album. Due to old connections Mika Brona (SATISFUCKTION) and Andreas Schekulin (EARASED) were asked to lend their talents down the vocal lane to complete the album.


Song titles:


  • C-14 (instrumental)

  • A Skull from The Stars

  • Ancient Aztec Legacy

  • Crouzon Syndrome

  • Those Of Royal Blood

  • All Is Nothing

  • The Sumerian Code

  • Floating World

  • Graves Of The Elohim

  • Universe In A Nutshell


About the conception of the album

The moniker STARCHILD AEON has been influenced by the myth around a humanoid skull found in the 1930ies in Mexico. The skull is said to be of extraterrestial origin due to the fact that it contains DNA streaks, uncompareable to any living structure on our planet. There are direct relations to be found to this theme in the song „A Skull From The Stars“.

This also leads to various other topics delt with on the „All Is Nothing“ release. Zacharia Stitchins work has for sure left a mark on songs such as „Those Of Royal Blood“, where the lyrics deal with the possible extraterrestial influence of the so-called Annunaki upon the evolution of mankinds DNA and structure. A similar topic can be found in the words for „Graves Of Elohim“, a lyrical concept about the sons of god sleeping with the daughters of men, a biblical reference towards the mentioned Nephilim in the Thora, said to be the offspring of these semi-divine relations. „Floating World“ features both the concepts of Atlantis and Lemuria, mythical civilizations reportedly having been highly technologically developed societies with direct influences on modern day lives. The title track „All Is Nothing“ deals with psychological phenomena such as solipsism and the counterparts of everything and nothing translated to digital Is and Os. A further man-god related subject can be found in the song „Ancient Aztec Legacy“, which is related to the human sacrifice tradition of this ancient people in the first place. „The Sumerian Code“ deals with the relation between man and divine being within the oldest lawtexts found in former Sumeria, the oldest known civilization. A more medical view on the Starchild skull is presented in „Crouzon Syndrome“ and finally „C-14“ tries to explore definition and symptoms of age detection technology in pure instrumental form.

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