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Alessandro Vagnoni, after closing his recording studio, is still active as a producer/ sound engineer.
Alessandro has put his skills in various albums, as reported in the info section and he can grant professional results even for low/medium budgets.
If you're looking for tracking instruments, editing or re-editing, mixing or re-mixing, full production or whatever, please contact Alessandro at alessandrovagnoni (at)


  • Alessandro Vagnoni is the drummer of BOLOGNA VIOLENTA (ex-Dark Lunacy, ex-Infernal Poetry, ex-Resurrecturis, ex-The Shell Collector) He is a session musician for various projects such as the icelandic band Cult Of Lilith and the austrian acts like Wolfheart feat. The Malavita Antisocial Club, Darkside, Angry Nation and Demolition.

    Works list:

    ANGRY NATION - The Fail Decade (2016, Wolfblood Prod.): Drums/Bass recording, Mixing

    WOLFHEART ft. THE MALAVITA ANTISOCIAL CLUB - Morphean Empires (2016, Wolfblood Prod.): Drums/Bass recording, Mixing

    BOLOGNA VIOLENTA - Discordia (2016, Overdrive): Drums/Bass recording, Mxing

    OVER DEAD IN OVER - Alone EP: Full production

    BOLOGNA VIOLENTA/DOGS FOR BREAKFAST - Split Ep (2015, Dischi Bervisti, Overdrive): Drums recording (BV)

    VIOLENT INNER PROTEST - s/t EP (2015, Self Prod.): Full Production

    RESURRECTURIS - Nazienda (2015, Mighty Music): Recording, Mixing

    CAPITAN AMERICA - Come Il Presidente (2015, Gin Tonic Records, single): Mixing

    TAPEWHORE - Tapewhore (2015, Self Prod.): Full Production

    CAPITAN AMERICA - La Gente (2015, Gin Tonic Records, single): Bass recording, Mixing

    DOPESTARS INC. - Terapunk (2015, Self Prod.): Drums recording

    DARK LUNACY - The Day Of Victory (2014, Fuel/Self): Recording, Mixing

    BUSHI - Bushi (2014, Self Prod.): Full production

    DARKSIDE - Inferno (2013, Wolfblood Prod.): Drums recording, Mixing

    DARK LUNACY - Live In Mexico City (2013, Fuel/Self): Editing, Mixing

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    +39 333 4597 7712

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