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Wolfblood Productions - Killustrations


Killustrations is an award winning design studio, founded and operated by German artist Björn Gooßes.

Primarily working in the field of digital compositing, Killustrations uses a variety of techniques to create unique imagery between playful surrealism and colourful morbidity. Killustrations' interdisciplinary works range from music album and apparel artwork to logotype design, photography and basically everything else in the sphere of graphic art.


Born in the small town of Wesel, Germany the year Elvis Presley died and AC/DC released Let There Be Rock, Björn has always loved to express himself through imagery just like every happy little kid. From early days' self drawn treasure maps to subsequent imaginary undertaker ads or fictional band logos, you name it. Some day another passion fell in line: Music. So it seems a union of both was always the way things were heading.


After taking the first steps in music by covering death metal classics in a schoolmate's basement in the early 90s, Björn became a member of melodic death metal pioneers, Night In Gales. With this band he hasn't only released five albums and toured Europe and Japan, he has always been responsible for its lyrics and visual appearance as well. This aspect has distinguished him ever since and finally made the self-taught artist launch his own design studio Killustrations around the turn of the millennium. After it had simply started as a passionate pastime, Killustrations more and more turned into a multifunctional and globally operating design studio and went full time in 2006.


Killustrations' client list nowadays includes renowned bands, labels and festivals from more than 25 countries. Looking over the rim, Killustrations has furthermore worked with writers, directors, companies and NGOs from various branches and genres. Putting the maximum amount of blood, sweat & tears into every project, Björn constantly tries to evolve and progress as an artist - by doing what he loves and loving what he does: happy designs for happy people ;-)



Besides running Killustrations, Björn is a member of Essen based metal group The Very End, whose 3rd album Turn Off The World was released in 2012 by Steamhammer/SPV.

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